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Our company was founded in 1996 which was essentially the beginning of this industry. 

The company started out as standard website design company that showed smaller to mid sized businesses how to benefit from the world wide web. Our mission was to show all businesses, technical or not, the enormous power the world wide web had to offer.

As the web evolved more and more businesses needed to have their websites databased to make them more interactive with their clients.  So we added custom programming to our suite of products and services.
Clients started paying us to add the ability to manage their own company news, display their portfolio, post job openings, and list frequently asked questions.

As it became more and more popular to be able to have control over your own website the owners started changing their focus from just design and custom programming to full blown content management enabled websites. Total control and all the bells and whistles.

Today agenity is powering hundreds of web sites and giving all businesses the opportunity to benefit from all the enormous power the world wide web has to offer.

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