There are two types of users in Control Freak: Site Members and Administrative Users.

Administrative Users are users that are added to a site using the "Administrative Users" manager in the Control Panel. There are three basic types of Administrative Roles in Control Freak CMS. All are determined by what group a user is part of and the rights given to that group on a specific node within the site. You can define these roles by editing a nodes "Permissions" (the "people" icon in the Page Manager). Permissions "cascade" down to all child nodes, so if you set permissions on the homepage, all site content will inherit those permissions until you redefine the permissions for a specific node.

It is also important to note that since permissions are group-based and can be extremely varied and granular, a user has no permissions or group memberships by default when they are initially created. They must be added to a group (admin or otherwise) to have any permissions (i.e. access to anything in the Control Panel).

  • Admin - Making a user an admin is as easy as editing the user, clicking on the "Group Memberships" tab, and checking the "Admin" checkbox under "Administrative Groups." Admin Users have access to all features available in their particular package (IE: Content Blocks, Email Broadcaster, Forms, etc.) and no restictions on a specific site.)
  • Authors - This is not a default group, rather, it's a role that can be assigned to a group. A group that has "author" rights (as defined in a nodes "Permissions"), has the ability to create and edit content but cannot publish content.
  • Editors - Like Authors, Editors are a role in Control Freak but with one big difference: Editors can not only create and edit content, they can publish content.
    In addition, other permissions that Groups can be given on a node are "Inherit" (the default for all nodes), Read-Only (allows the viewing of content only), and Deny (simply denies access to the edit page).

Site Members

Site Members are public users of your site who have created a profile. This is often used for password protecting (which is also group based as opposed to user based like Administrative Users) sections of a site to provide access to additional functionality or specific content. Basically, anything you want to require some sort of User Registration for.



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