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Responsive Design

As of this year more people are searching for your business on their mobile phone than they are on desktop computers.

That's why here at Agenity we build all of our sites so that they look fantastic on mobile phones first, then we go back and make sure they look brilliant on desktop computers as well. 

The reason why iPhone and Androids apps are so popular is because they look beautiful and easy to read on a mobile devices. 

What is responsive design?

Our websites collapse down and look like we built them for mobile phones on mobile phones and unfold to look like we built them for desktop computers on a desktop computers.  This is called a RESPONSIVE DESIGN.  


As of May 1st Google is going to penalize any website that's not "responsive" and put them at the back of the line for all mobile searches.  This will give your competitors an easy way of beating you when it comes to showing up before you when the majority of your potential customers do a search for what you do.  This is HUGE.  You will essentially disappear from the face of the internet starting on May 1st if you don't conform to these new standards.

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